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We own a portfolio of drone-related, and our technology-associated businesses, starting from early stage ventures, looking for partners and investors up to operational companies.

Why to join Aerodyne business ventures?

We know what market needs,
We are glad to share our competence,
We want you to be successful.
We have competent management team with diverse background
Aerodyne has sucessfull story of startup, from crowdfunding to operation
Individual approach
We develop tailor-made investment proposals for every interested partner
Continuous grow
We will help your business to grow by resolving challenges and ensuring premium quality support
Our ventures
We offer a number of ventures for you to join. We also would be happy to discuss any of your ideas.
Aerodyne RC
We run Aerodyne RC ourselves. It is our first company, doing unique drones for sportive drone racing. Check it here:
Design and development of an airborne drone, capable of underwater operations. Project is ongoing together with our partner - SMKB.
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Drone formations
Drone formation is a centrally controlled swarm of brightly illuminated drones to create static and dynamic light figures in the air. Drone formations is a new tool in events and entertainment, with great effect and media coverage. Basic business idea is to provide the drone show as service.
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eFoil is a hydrofoil surfboard with an electric motor.
It is a fast-growing entertainment that has great potential in areas which considered previously as non-surfing with no waves or wind, including rivers and lakes. Basic business idea is design, development and manufacturing of eFoils, based on Aerodyne engineering competencies and manufacturing processes in carbon fiber, CNC, and power electronics.
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What will you get?
Clear business concept
Our purpose is to create business where you will be the entrepreneur and we will be your technical partner. Therefore we are interested in the business success as well as you are, and willing to have business concept as clear as possible.
Save time and money
Stepping into reviewed and validated business plan you will save valuable time and resources.
Business efficiency
We will help you to get the best out of the business. Our continuous support will ensure healthy profits and long-term sustainability.
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