Concept development

Concept development is a foundation for entire UAV project
Good concept development is crucial. During this stage, the needs of the target market are identified, competitive products are reviewed (if any), product specifications are defined, product concept is selected, an economic analysis is done, and the development roadmap is outlined.
Customer or partner might take active role in concept development process and be part of the team.
Concept development process is represented below:
How we do it:
Through analysis of the problem and interviews with potential clients and focus groups we identify the needs. We develop the necessary information on which the UAV performance will be based: size, weight, flight time, payload, and other specifications.
Target specifications
Based on identified needs, the team establishes the target specifications of the prospective new product. At a later stages the target specifications are updated to account for technical, manufacturing, competitive and economic realities.
Concept selection
A number of technicaly feasible concepts is developed and after process of in-depth analysis, review and tradeoffs between different drone features one concept is selected.
Economic analysis
Manufacturing costs, selling price, timeline and business models are estimated and balanced with market size and market share expectations. The remaining design and development activities are planned in details, including necessary resources, time schedule and milestones.
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