From concept to market entry

Aerodyne offers professional approach for developing new drone products.
Concept development
Good concept development is cruical. During this stage, the needs of the target market are identified, competitive products are reviewed, drone specifications are defined, a configuration is selected, an economic analysis is done, and the development roadmap is outlined. This stage provides the foundation for the entire project.
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System level design
System-level design defines the exact configuration of the drone systems. Main drone systems calculations are made, drone components are estimated for feasibility of own manufacturing or external purchasing, including suppliers evaluation. Various options, additions or extended product family creation reviewed from marketing point of view.
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Detail design
During detail design, or design-for-manufacture, we make necessary engineering for every component of the drone. Data sheets, specifications, materials, and dimensions are defined, and the design is documented. Detailed design data is then the source of information for prototype manufacturing.
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Prototypes and testing
During the testing stage, a number of prototypes are built and tested. Purpose of the prototypes is to check the drone performance and behaviour according to the specifications and to determine areas of improvement based on first in-the-field experience of use.
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Production setup
During production setup, the manufacturing process and tools are establised. Production areas and particular operations are defined, work force is trained as the first drones are being assembled. Supplier components, fabrication, and assembly procedures are being optimized. Manufacturing process is being documented and prepared for product transfer for offshore manufacturing if required.
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