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Advanced CNC machining, molds manufacturing, molding of carbon fiber and other composites with various techniques.
Mold set fabrication
For sophisticated bladder molding of simple compression molding carbon fiber of other composites. We are making molds from metal or plastic with automation. We can do specific molding process development. Molds are coming with documentation, lifetime service support, repairs and upgrades possibility.
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Carbon fiber
Manufacturing of carbon fiber details of any configuration: from simple plain plate cuts, to hollow molding of complex geometry forms with high pressure and thermal treatment process.
Details and examples
We can offer CNC machinning services at competitive pricing. Materials: metals (aluminum, brass, copper, steel) or plastics. Custom orders for single pieces or small-medium production batches. Optional thermal treatment and anodizing.
Details and examples
Silicone parts
We can produce various silicone details. Based on customer drawings or models, or Aerodyne' design. Metal or plastic molds. Materials: silicone, polyurethane, rubbers and others. Various applications and colors.
Production line equipment
Turnkey set-up of production lines based on the above mentioned competences. Design, assembly and commissioning of cost-effective custom order CNC mills, auxiliary tools and machinery. Drones, sportive or medical equipment manufacturing.

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