Mold set fabrication

Molds, master-model or punch for composite materials
Master-model, or punch for compression molding, hollow mold for bladder molding - for carbon fiber or other composite materials. Molds can be manufactured based on Customer's available mold drawings, or we can design the mold based on product CAD files. Base template is produced with use of precise CNC mill and later polished for required surface quality. Material of the mold is selected based on the intended production quantity: typically metal is used for high quantities, plastic is used for prototypes, or small batches of product.
We can provide Customer with complete mold set, whether for compression molding or bladder molding, including auxiliary molds for bladders production.
Mold sets can be automated with a programmable logic controller, controlling heaters, pressure regulators, valves.
We can develop the molding process for particular Customer's application and requirements, with proper process documentation.
We can offer lifetime support for the mold sets, including service, renovation, repairs and upgrades.
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