Prototypes and testing

Confirmation and proof
Depending on maturity or novelty of the initial idea, the prototypes can be built very close to its production variant, or can be built to prove the concept. For the mature drone ideas, the purpose of prototype is to get quantitive confirmation of performance as well as discover and resolve integration issues, by doing number of specific tests on particular tasks.
For brand new ideas of drones, the main idea of prototype is the proof of concept and the type of tests are slightly different, such tests are more of qualitative nature.
Of course, during prototype buld and test we find the areas of improvement for futher refinements.
Examples of tests:
Performance tests
Straightforward generic tests to confirm product integrity, functionality and performance.
Strength test
Depending on the complexity and cost of project, certain parts of drone or the entire prototype is tested for strength and robustness. It can be static or dynamic impact. Some models are crash-tested, to define scenarios and patterns of fracture.
Tightness test
It is important when the drone will have contact with water, or need to withstand certain weather conditions.
For the top-performance and efficiency drones it is important to understand the aerodynamic behaviour of the product.
Flight behaviour
Tuning and adjustments of PID loops, flight modes, autopilot, etc.
Specific tests
Depending on the purpose of the drone and its payload.
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