System level design

Configuring the drone
Based on the conceptual drone specification developed at the previous stage, main functional systems and subsystems are calculated and configured to work as a complete unit . This is often an iteration process, since one system is influencing another.
During system level design we also define specifications of main components, we do the make/buy evaluation and take decisions on standartization of components, modularization, options and additions. Utilization of previously designed systems and solutions can help reducing further development costs, tooling and manufacturing costs.
Typicaly, for multirotor type of UAV the following main functional systems are configured at this stage:
Motor and propeller calculations
Based on conceptual drone specifications, in paricular:
- payload weight,
- flight time,
- flight distance,
- flight speed;
- motor group redundancy;
- required capability to withstand certain wind speeds,
we calculate motor and propeller combination (actually the entire propulsion/power system is being calculated, which includes battery performance as well).
Such calculation will allow us:
- to understand necessary efficiency of motor and propeller combination (in gr per Wt), where balance between efficiency and wind withstand capacity can be met.
- to select optimal aerodynamic scheme of drone, X4, X6, X8 etc.
- to select the battery, based on balance of energy capacity (Watt-hours*kg), C-rating, operational climate conditions
Based on propulsion/power system calculated data we start design of the main frame, considering further conceptual or Customer's requirements:
- compactness, for example, removable arms, retractable gears, size of payload, etc.
- build principle - monocoque main body (shell-structure) or structural open frame.
- dust and water ingress protection class (IP rating)
- cost and manufacturing time requirements.
Battery parameters is the outcome of power system calculations, it is mainly energy capacity, C-rating and operational conditions, e.g. temperature exposure.
Drone development can be made around Customer's specific payload, with all interfaces integration, as well as around Aerodyne's own payload design and development or use of standard solutions available from external suppliers.
Control and communication
- We can consider standard and proven radio communication solutions for control, telementry and video or incorporate Customer's specific radio modules. Communication setup using public mobile networks is also possible.
Mission planning and navigation
Various alternatives are possible:
- use of Customer's autopilot
- selection of suitable standard available solutions
- new development from the scratch, if decided so at conceptual design stage
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